Chyna Cymone

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Hawaii's own, Chyna Cymone, started her journey in the hip hop industry at 14 years old performing at the Blaisdell Arena and Aloha Stadium on the island of Oahu.  Earlier this year, she founded the organization Support The Quiet, to give victims of child abandonment a positive platform to empower themselves through a process of healing.  It quickly gained the attention of many influential individuals such as Carolyn (the founder of Save The Children), Wyclef Jean, Christina Milian, and many more. At 19 years old, she recently closed out her first tour with Vibe Magazine and Billboard, 'The Freshpack Tour'.  In December of 2016, she released her single "Wavy" that made a big impact in the United Kingdom and South Korea. "Wavy" also made the charts on one of the top dance apps, Triller.  To keep the momentum going, she recently released another single titled "BaBe" which made its debut at Atlanta's own Cascade Skating Rink.  

The 19 year-old Atlanta native is currently back in the “Aloha State” expanding her horizon. While conducting business with another artist on the island, Chyna Cymone hooked up with the one and only Mo Luv (formerly the producer for Mishon). Mo Luv has helped her in ways that mere words can’t express. He recognized her talent and determination and as a team, they are powerful! Chyna is quickly getting her name around by performing and making special guest appearances.  Right now she is sponsored by “Freelance”, which is a local owned clothing company in Hawaii. Freelance has become family and they are perfect for Chyna. Her lyrics are mean and her beats are banging! I don’t think y’all are ready for her yet!

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